Im looking to buy one for recording and possibly live use and have a few questions.

How exactly should i connect it to my peavey 6505+ so i can run it through my cabinet? I only want to use the peavey as a power amp, and the pod as the preamp.

And also, is it possible to change patches with a daw/pc like it is with the axefx?

Anyone who uses it here recommend it?

Thanks guys!
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I used a POD HD500 for a while, which is pretty similar.

If you want to use the 6505 as a power amp only you would just do POD out to the FX in on the 6505. You'll also have to go into the audio out EQ settings and adjust it so it knows its going into a head power amp.

It also has MIDI in and out so I believe you can change patches with a laptop via MIDI.

I would personally just use a POD as an FX unit only if you have a 6505, though. But horses for courses. I though it was a useful tool but too much for me in all reality. I like to keep it simple.
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I have to see how it compares to the peavey before i decide to use it though. Id imagine i could make some awesome clean patches that are better than the peaveys too.
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Running it into a guitar amp and cab is likely to be disappointing. The amp sims themselves & not just the cabinets are looking for FRFR systems so they don't get effed up by the colour of your amp response and guitar speaker.
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