(mods if I am breaking any rules with this rather general thread please have mercy!)

So, I'm starting over. I played for almost ten years, albeit with poor technique and discipline, and I was rarely relaxed when playing. Over the years my hands, most particularly my left hand, started burning, going numb, and becoming immobile while playing. So I quit for years due to frustration.

But now I want to get back into it and start over. This.means learning theory (something I never did), and doing exercises and stretches in order to fix my hands. It also means learning how to play properly (learning scales, proper technique, possibly adopting the classical position, and doing playing exercises to improve my technique).

While I'm glad to do some research on my own, I would genuinely appreciate some pointers as to where I should start. One more thing: I'm relearning on an eight string and am rather hellbent on doing so. Getting an RG8 on Friday. I used to play a 7-string RG.

Thanks for reading!!! I'm committed to this.