I was so lucky to have obtain this amp head and it turned out to be something beyond my wildest dreams.
The best amp head I've ever owned and played through.
I'm very blessed and thankful to be the owner of this Monster Plexi.
All and all, 1968 was one helluva year for Marshall.

Gear Used:
Nuno Washburn N2 with BL500xl bridge and DiMarzio TZ neck.
1968 Marshall Plexi 200 watt Major with OWM and PPIMV mod.
Marshall 4x12 with Celestion G12M greenbacks.

Quote by diabolical
Great amps but a huge ear bleed...I remember having one of the PTP reissues (50 watter) in the studio and that thing nearly took my head off at 2

Say what?? Can´t hear ya!!
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