Hi everyone!

I've got an Epiphone les paul custom pro (with coil tapping) and the other day it started producing a crackling noise that sounds a lot like static.

After experimenting with different amps and leads I have managed to track the noise down to two places. When I play the open A string and when I play the low E string around the 3-5 frets.

I know it sounds like I'm describing fret buzz but I'm almost completely sure it's a fault rather than set up, I'm just not sure what it could be.. Any ideas?
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Maybe you have to change pick. If it's old it can give you this sound.
Also you should try noticing if you are too close to the amp or in a wrong possition and pickups take the signal of it. This can happen with every single electronical device.
Do you mean the pick ups? I doubt it because the guitar is only 6 months old. As for the position, I have been playing with the same set up/positions for about 4 years and never had a problem with any guitar
From what you're describing, it sounds like the output jack is loose. Take the jack plate off and press in the leg for the hot wire so that it makes a better connection with the cable and try again.
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+1 to above. tighten jack.

maybe clean pots and switch with contact cleaner too.

the LP switches can be kind of finicky and do dumb things.
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Has the little nut on the jack input been coming loose regularly recently?Have you been re-tightening it by hand when it happens?
Hi everyone. Thanks for the help and sorry about the late reply

It turned out it was a combination of a few things that all came at once.

I cleaned the input jacks on guitar and amp which made it a lot better and then also changed the tube in my vox amp and now my set up is silent again