Thanking is not enough to express my appreciation of the encouraging comments I've received on my previous Creatio release.. I've followed through and remixed/remastered the whole album and added new songs/riffs and even some piano and horns on some songs to upgrade this album to deserve the name "debut album".

I've done this to open up my conscious for new material which I started composing right away.

Please check the new version of this album which I called 'Creatio Revisited' and let me know what you think! Your comments are more precious that you might think.

"Sammetry - Creatio Revisited" on Bandcamp
"Sammetry - Creatio Revisited" on Youtube
"Sammetry - Creatio Revisited" on Spotify
"Sammetry - Creatio Revisited" on SoundCloud

And ofcourse I'll C4C with delight, don't forget to leave your link so I can listen to your material as well.
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Excellent work, my friend! I just listened to "Breakdawn" and "Vortcity." I will give you a much more in depth review when I have time to sit down and listen to all your work. But amazing from a composition and production-quality standpoint. Can't wait to listen to the rest! I'll be back...
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Sweet stuff dude! I like the introBut i feel it needs another element on the rock part in the beginning. Maybe some synths or playing around with the bass? The lead guitar sometimes sounds a little burryed, but no biggie :-) Great emotion!
Nullius in Verba was my favorite of those, love the transitioning from the bass/clean parts to the heavy guitars. Some good crunchiness, then back to very nice clean parts. Very good compositions, very complex too.
I'm so glad you gave me the link to this!

Really like this, great playing but also great compositions and production. Nullius in Verba does it for me, I really like the intro - definitely can imagine it in any video game set in the future!

Looking forward to more stuff mate!
Sounds awesome. Hard to pick my fav. Probably Dark Genome.
I liked the guitar tone, what did you use for your guitar tone?

Impressive work. I havent had time to listen to it all but picked "breakdonw" and "nullius in verba" to have a listen to.

I'm not so into the hard rock end of guitar music (ape like headbang metal, ug, ug) but this is clearly very well done. Your mix of guitar tones is well chosen. You leads sail over the top of the rhythm without becoming too in your face or tiring to the ears. Your drum parts sound very realistic (to the point of not knowing if it is sequenced or not - I assume so as most people on here are using sequenced parts).

As I'm writing this the playlist has continued so I've also heard "Crosswinds" - I think that may have been my favorite. The piano and guitar outro was very interesting.

Anyway, if you fancy a look my latest creation is here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1704165


Sounds awesome! I listened to Breakdown, Dark Genome, and Crosswinds of Consciousness. Breakdown was a bit slow for me, I feel like there is more you could add to it to really spice it up. I like Crosswinds of Consciousness the most of the three which you probably could've guessed. The guitar work is amazing and I love the overall song structure of how you have the real thumping bass line in the beginning and then build it up into an almost overwhelming state. Overwhelming as in very full and having a lot going on You could say it almost gets confusing, but that is what makes it great. Then from there you let it all cool off as the piano eventually comes in. What I would change is have the piano come in sooner and cut out about 20 seconds of playing with the volume pedal. I say that because the song needed the break but you took about 45 seconds for the break and it makes it easy to lose interest during that part. Dark Genome was great and I don't really have anything to critique on it. I love the transitions and how you transformed the song. I was also able to catch a little bit of August Divine. The intro guitar tones are so sweet with the synth backing it. Sounds like something Joe Satriani would do! And, as with the other songs I listened to, the guitar work was fantastic!
Thanks for the great listen!