Hey all, it's been a while since I've taken out the soldering iron so I wanted to get some advice from your collective wisdom before f***ing things up :P

I'm working on two really simple wiring mods at once here, the David Gilmour switching mod to allow all bridge/neck or all three pups in parallel, and the Eric Johnson mod to hook up the bridge pup to the mid pickup tone control.

I'm getting a bit confused though because the switch doesn't match up with most diagrams (for higher end Fender switches) and only has seven, not eight connection points. I'm thinking to add the tone control to the bridge I just need a little link to the empty lug at the far right, does that look right?

And to add the neck pickup in parallel, I would simply hook up the far left connection on the 5-way to the mini toggle, to the volume pot, right? Sorry for the nooby questions haha, it's been a while.

The guitar in question , for the curious-minded among you:

you can google all of this, and it's all pretty simple. essentially you're going to need at least a spdt switch, and a new pickup selector switch. to be honest i'd just re-gut the whole thing anyways.

if you solder the switch (assuming it's single pole) so that the centre lug is wired to where the neck pickup meets the pickup selector (small blue wire next to the centre red wire on the left), and then either of the other poles (depending on where you would like the switch to be when the neck pickup is engaged) soldered to where the pickup selector leads to the volume control (centre red wire on the switch), you'll pretty much have it. on a Dpdt you'd just use one side of the switch and leave the rest as is. You could do this with a push/pull pot instead of the 2nd tone switch, which ordinarily would be a dpdt switch. Equally you could do what gilmour does and just put in a little throw switch, with only one pole (such as on here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Single-Double-Throw-Toggle-Switch/dp/B007Q85964 ) and drill a little hole into the scratchplate wherever you want it to install it. In which case you'd use the centre lug connected to the pickup connection, as mentioned, and either of the other lugs to the output - that way you can just turn the whole damn switch around until it sits where you like it.

For the other mod you'd just need to jumper the lead that leads to tone 2 across to the vacant lug on the same side, i think on that switch you have there you'd just need to add a short cable linking where the green wire meets the switch and the vacant hole just beside it - but i only ever used to use the oak switches when wiring guitars, and haven't done it for a while either.
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A little misstep or two along the way but she turned out sounding great:


The treble bleed is great all around for the bridge position, and the Gilmour switch is fun to play with. The neck/mid/bridge sounds nice for some warm but clear rhythm, and I love the neck/bridge position for the clear bell-like tone. Thanks for the tips, on to see what mods to do next!