I am sure there are a million different thoughts on this, but what do you guys think are the best guitars/best sound set up for playing live shows.. I struggle to find a balance between natural sound and be able to keep up with a full band.
I often use an acoustic on gigs. First be sure you have a sound hole cover to eliminate feedback. If you only play acoustic and not electric live get a decent acoustic guitar amp. or at least an amp that sounds good with an acoustic. I don't have the luxury of having a separate amp for my acoustic so I have created a patch/setting in my multi effects that does a fairly decent job. If you don't have a multi effects unit or an acoustic amp get an EQ pedal like the Boss GE-7 or even the very inexpensive Behringer EQ700. I would also suggest a direct box so you can go directly to the PA system.

A lot depends on what kind of music you play, what kind of musicians you play with and what systems you are using for amps and PA. Also do you have monitors?

Lastly but most importantly I would add that if the band isn't sensitive to idea of playing at a level that works with an acoustic guitar, you don't stand a chance.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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