Just got a guitar signed my tommy Thayer of kiss and was wondering how much it is worth
Depends on what the guitar is. Is it a limited edition Epiphone Tommy Thayer modal Les Paul or just a Bullet Squire someone had him sign.? There is a huge difference in value.
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Maybe if it's like a signature model or a model that is highly associated with a particular player, but that obviously isn't the case here. It's a cheap, entry-level guitar anyway so it's not really worth much to begin with. Autographs on a guitar really don't add much value at all in general unless the guitarist died a long time ago, and in fact may take away from the value in many cases, particularly on expensive guitars. Signatures really only increase the value to a collector that is particularly interested in that musician or band, and as I said collectors want a guitar that has something to do with that player so they can display it rather than an entry level guitar.

That aside, Tommy Thayer isn't exactly a huge deal since he's a lesser known, later member of Kiss. He's not one of the big members that everybody knows and he wasn't involved with their classics. Even if you had a relevant guitar autographed (whatever kind he actually plays), it still wouldn't have the same appeal as a vintage black strat signed by Eric Clapton, for example. Pretty much only a big time Kiss fanatic would want anything related to Tommy Thayer, although big time Kiss fanatics are known for buying silly things affiliated with lesser band members, so if you had a relevant guitar autographed by Tommy Thayer, you could sell it to a Kiss fan. But your guitar really isn't relevant to him.
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It's an acoustic-electric Mitchell

mitchell is the original guitar center house brand. it's entry level stuff, and is actually named after the man who founded guitar center. i'm not sure i've ever seen a $200 mitchell - the ones i've seen are cheaper than that.
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I think an autographed guitar would turn me away if I wanted to buy a guitar that I wanted to actually play. And your guitar doesn't really attract collectors either because it's not a collector's item. If somebody just wanted Tommy Thayer's autograph, I think the autograph on its own would have more value to them. People like that don't want a random cheap guitar (or actually any guitar) that really has nothing to do with Tommy Thayer.

As others have said, if it was an actual Tommy Thayer signature model or something similar, then the autograph would most likely add some value to it as a collector's item. But your guitar is not a collector's item.

Also, a hardcore fan would not pay you to get the autograph. They would go to a Kiss concert and get their own autograph. Tommy is not dead and Kiss is still playing shows so getting an autograph from him wouldn't be hard at all. Maybe wait for a couple of decades when Kiss doesn't exist any more (well, maybe it does - I mean, their plan was to keep on playing forever and after Gene and Paul aren't able to play any more, they would just replace them and Paul and Gene would still make money from royalties) and Tommy is dead, maybe then the signature has some value. But then again, I guess Tommy will always be seen as the guy who replaced Ace and wore his makeup. His job in the band is basically miming Ace's manners and playing style. He could be replaced by anybody and most likely nobody would notice. So I don't know if his signature will ever have much value.
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