What would be an ideal gauge on my 25.5 scale guitar for drop B?
Currently using 12-56s, would 13-59 (7 string set) be more ideal?
do you like how they fit?

i use .012-.060 in C#std/drop B and it works great for me. its all preference.

strings are cheap, may as well experiment.
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I use D'Addario Extra Heavy 12-60 for drop B. For me, they are the perfect set for that tuning.
I use D'Addario 12-60s as well on a 24.5" scale for C standard, B standard and Drop B, works fine.

I know Ryan Bruce has signature Cleartone sets for Drop B that are 11-60 for 25.5" and 12-70 for 24.75".
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I use d'addario 11-56.When I moved to 12s they where way more rough n' tough.
After all I've returned to 11s.
Also the lead guitarist of my band uses 9-46. Probably not the best solution.I will tell u my 3-day experience with his guitar. Unexpectedly no fret buzz at all ! On the other hand, the strings were being bended very easily
When :
1.press my pick hard
2.press the strings hard
3.when bending the strings I was over-bending them