Hi there! I'm having indecision with choosing the right pickups for my guitar. I'm going to be replacing the ones in my guitar, which are cheap jackson stocks. I'm looking for something I can use to have a heavy tone, but something I can play older thrash metal stuff with as well. The tones I'm looking to sound similar to are Wes Borland's, pre 1990s metallica, and dimebag. The rig I'd be using (That I'm working towards purchasing) is a Peavey 5150/6505 head and 1960a cab. I've mainly been looking at Dragonfire Crusaders (Invader clones), Invaders, and EMG 81/85s. I'm kinda scared that I'll choose something and it'll turn out to sound really shitty so I'm in need of advice

Thanks in advance
Get your amp and your cabinet first. Then buy new pickups.
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And well yes, I'll enjoy the carpal tunnel and tendonitis, because trying to get one is clearly smarter than any word you have spoken thus far.
+1 to getting your rig first.

If you can wait it is better to do so, for you will save yourself some time and money potentially. Who knows, you may really love the sound you get from your new rig even with the stock pups. The rig changes everything. Play the same guitar through different amps and they all sound different. Plus the new amp will give you a baseline for what your looking for in new pups if you still decide to go that route.

If you can't wait, just know that the 81/85s are active and have their own wiring sets so you will need to take just about everything out and God help you if you don't have room for the 9v.
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So, be prepared for a LONG ASS REPLY haha. Basically, it depends on what style of music you'll be playing. I know you said you're looking for a dimebag kinda tone, so, firstly, why not try a dimebucker (dimebag's signature pickup)? The first thing I have to say is that since it seems like you're just beginning your adventure in learning how to wire guitars (it's a fun and engaging hobby, but wracked with frustration and wasted time, especially if you start off too hard), I would avoid EMG's and any active pups altogether. However, if you're dead set, don't worry about not having a battery door, you can take the foam lining from the pup case, drop it in over your wires, and then put your battery on top without routing out the extra chamber. If you wanna play thrash metal like you said, I'd definitely recommend the invaders in the bridge, they're just an all around good pickup for metal, but I would avoid them for your neck pup. Personally, I prefer the sustain, clarity, and punch from active pups, so I wired an active in the neck and passive in the bridge (if you really wanna know how I did it, I'll explain, but I'll avoid going in depth for now). However, long story short, I'd recommend the Alnico II. Personally, I love a neck pickup that's clear and has a ton of sustain in metal, and this really does it on the passive end. Then again, I am biased towards Seymour Duncan, but you also NEVER want to mix pup manufacturers unless you have to (you have problems with winding and polarity, and the pickups become out of phase, google this if you want more info), so I'd say the Invader for the bridge and the Alnico II in the neck would be great for what you're doing. Hope I helped! Feel free to message me with anything else you need.