So I am looking at upgrading my bass within the next couple months. I play for an Alternative Rock band that has some electronic pop elements in it. I've been wanting to get a 5 string so I decided to just save up and get a really nice one that I would keep for a long time. I was primarily an electric guitar player and I have fallen in love with Schecter's electric guitars.

My question is: Does Schecter live up to their name in the bass realm as well, and what are ya'll opinion of the Schecter Stiletto Studio 5 for Rock, Pop, Alt music?
I've never played the Studio 5, but I just got a fretless studio 6 so I'd imagine they're fairly similar other than the high C and distinct lack of frets.
I love it. Feels nice, tone is really good, very beautiful instrument. If it comes with the Ernie Balls, you might want to upgrade to thicker strings, or at least a thicker low B, because that really low end isn't always super crisp and can get a little muddy. Overall a very good instrument though.
They absolutely do. The Stiletto Studio models are amazing basses. Among the smoothest playing and best sounding I've ever played. Absolute top-quality, at least in the import realm. There's obviously a lot that comes down to personal preference, but you will not find a bass that is objectively better without spending $1000 or more. And back when I worked in a guitar shop, the Stiletto Studios were pretty much always the best basses on the wall. Nobody would touch them without saying something about how great they felt and sounded, even choosing them over American made custom Fenders, and Rickenbackers.
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