Is .DXF a suitable file type to submit to a promoter for to be sent to a poster designer?

Well, I figured out how to convert it to an .SVG with ProgeCAD. I guess I'm all good to go. Apparently .dxf does work with photoshop but the guys gotta know how to use the built-in convertor, apparently the guy doing this show poster doesn't.......
..I was watching my death.
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Its not even remotely a suitable file type. Neither is .svg. For printing you should ALWAYS submit a .pdf file made with correct dimensions and at least 3mm of bleed. If its in one of the PDFx standards, thats even better, but not really necessary. But for printing you always, always use pdf files. It saves everyone a lot of grief and time.

And the printer shouldnt have to open anything in photoshop. Thats a program meant for work and design, not for printing out final products.

Source: i work in a print shop, and people send me all sorts of file types that are at best hard to work with and at worst, unusable.
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