I am attempting to use up and down Palm muting on power chords but my pick often gets stuck in the strings. Normally I use all down palm muting but I need more speed for cetian songs. What are the main points to ensure I do this correctly. Angle of pick? Hand placement on bridge? Thanks
If you are using a very thick pick, try a thinner one. Or a different shape. And try not digging into the strings too deep. Just the tip of the pick.
Thanks for the advice Rim, I've been trying to figure out how to palm mute power chords on the upstrums too. Would love to be able to do something like that (great song to practice palm muting down and up to).
Keep your pick grip a little relaxed. You should be able to hold your hand at pretty much the same angle for up and down strokes, and let the pick itself adjust. The pick catching on the strings may be a symptom of gripping so tight that the pick can't slide past the string.