Hey guys, I have been playing through my rig for almost two years, and it's always been the same set up. But last year, something happened with my effects input, so I stopped using my BBE Sonic Maximizer. About a month ago, I blew a fuse and had to have it fixed, so I replaced all of my tubes as well. I have started using my Maximizer again, but I have been having way more feedback issues, like my noise suppressor is really touchy.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips for how I should route the rack gear I have through my amp, and what I should separate between my guitar chain and my effects loop. If you need a reference as to what sound I am going for, here is a link to a single from the band I play in. Artisan - "Content"

My set up consists of:

Guitar: LTD EC-1000 / EMG pickups
Head: Peavey 6505+
Cab: Mesa 4x12 Straight
Wireless: Sennheiser EW 100 G3
Noise Supressor: Decimator ProRack G
Gain/Bass: BBE Sonic Maximizer 382i
Tuner: Korg DTR-1000

If you have any other questions about the gear, I'm happy to answer them. Just want to get this feedback under control.
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nice to hear you quite using the maximizer

i kid, i never really liked those but that has nothing to do with your question

you have quite a few options. tuner is usually run before anything else as the first thing in your chain.

the noise suppressor can be run before the amp or in the FX loop. since it is two channel it can be run in both places for more control. it seems like if you are getting intense feedback then you would get more productive results by at least running it in the FX loop, but i think running it before the amp and in the FX loop would be your best bet.

and the sonic maximizer... the best thing i have seen it used for is DJ's that have used it before the power amp. i never really liked it on guitar, but your 328 is stereo i believe, so once again you can run it before the amp and in the effects loop. i think your best result will be using it in the effects loop before the noise suppressor.
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So if you haven't changed your EQ settings on the amp and now you are getting feedback after changing the tubes, my initial thought is that one of the preamp tubes you installed is microphonic and is causing the feedback. Did you use contact cleaner on the pins of the new tubes when you installed them to clean the sockets? If not you may just need to clean the sockets.

I'd try getting another 12AX7 and rolling it through the positions and see if you can find the culprit.

Also, what blew a fuse? The 6505+? What did you have fixed? There's a potential the repair wasn't up to snuff and is causing the feedback as well. Just speculating.
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Only the BBE in the loop, I'd put tuner after wireless, possibly isolate with A/B switch so it would be bypassed when playing.

The Decimator - depends what you want to do, either before the preamp or in the fx loop.

Try without the wireless, my guess would be the wireless is messing up with your signal. Probably it is also the reason why you need the BBE, in order to salvage the tone loss from it.