Hi, everybody! I'm new on this forum. My name is Eugene Razorjonov. I'm 41 y.o guitarist and guitar tutor from Russia. I'd like to improve my English skills and for this reason searching for the native speaker who want to learn guitar. I'll teach guitar for free - you'll help me to learn English. I prefer about my age person for the meetings on skype. This is my playing:

hardly anyone here actually plays guitar
and those of us who still play don't need damn lessons lol (srsly, everyone here that plays is actually pretty decent i could brush up on my sight reading and learn some new scales and shiet, but fuck that...)

anywho, i think there's a few 12 year olds in the pit, but most of us are in our 20's so good luck with that, bud ....
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Just a tip. This is the off topic section of the forum; that is, this is where all the non-guitar stuff goes. Probably won't get the best response here.
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