Digging the simple use of 7/8, gives everything a lot of consistency. Kind of feels like an Intronaut track but the melodic style is very different, yours is less jazzy and more post-rocky. It works.

For reference:


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I dig the rhythmic introduction. It's very relaxed. I enjoy the guitar tone at the beginning as well; it has just the right amount of crunch. The clean section that immediately follows it is also pleasing. The track continues to develop quite nicely when the piano comes in. The transition at 1:50 reminded me of the theme for the TV show M.A.S.H. for some reason. The riffing at 2:32 is very visceral. You are able to combine several tonal voices into a pleasing whole. The tremolo section at 4:00 was very subtle. I dig it! That being said, I was hoping for some more lead style playing. I felt the drums could use a little more variation. As for the mix, all instruments can be clearly heard and distinguished from one another here.

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Very nice track, kind of depressing but in a good way :P I enjoyed the clean guitars. Nice overall atmosphere
Beautiful song there. I'm always surprised at the caliber of music you find on these forums.

This song went down well with me since I love odd time signatures. It's a cool mix of heavy sections and soft sections. The note choice is very expressive and creates a cool feel.

Very enjoyable listen, keep up the good work!

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Good song, man. I really like the heavy riff around 2:32. I also like the piano in the background. Overall the song is layered really well. Great job!
Hey there!

Really good song man! Loved the tones, production a lot. Keep me posted with your music updates!