Now this I like! How come it seems like most good metal players also play classical style guitar? Like At the Gates "Into the Dead Sky" is a good example. Anyway, I'm rambling.

It sounded really good. Very nice job.
Thankyou very much!

Y'know I'm not entirely sure why, I would say it stems from the similarity in many Classical guitar pieces but that's not entirely true. Perhaps the connection between the typical "classical/Baroque" sound/atmosphere and metal music in general leads to this interest? And I think many generally crave to further their knowledge of stringed instruments so classical guitar is a logical step forward.

When I first started playing guitar would you believe I never dared touch classical or acoustic guitars, or any other instrument for that matter (I now play dabble in quite a few instruments). I thought I was too dumb and those instruments were only for smart people. Then I heard the sort of things Malmsteen and Jason Becker could do. And then I saw Chris Broderick play classical guitar, a long-haired typical metal guitarist gallantly strumming away on his nylon instrument and that inspired me enough to give the instruments a go. I remember meeting him at a Megadeth show actually, he was by far the nicest guy out of the group!

Heh, and you thought you were rambling!
Yeah I can relate!

I also started playing electric guitar first. But then once I heard that Django Reinhardt was a big influence on a couple of my favorite guitarists, I got really into gypsy jazz and even got an old Selmer style guitar.

Here's my cover of one of his songs if you haven't checked it out yet:

Also, hearing the acoustic songs in many metal albums (like At the Gates and Arch Enemy) made me thing about getting a classical guitar. I already started learning "Into the Dead Sky" by At the Gates, which is actually a bit harder than it looks (at least for me).
Yes I did watch your video and rather enjoy it! Well played.

Jazz and it's variations are fantastic to explore as a musician or even as a casual listener. There's something for everyone. My player of choice is Wes Montgomery!

Ah yeah there are some real hidden gems on metal and rock albums with acoustic parts. But for me it was the classical pieces themselves and my interest in early music (renaissance/medieval) and from there a growth into folk, celtic, classical and non-western music. The theory of others cultures is quite interesting and adaptable to western theory.