Hey guys. So I kinda lost my job and ended up selling most of my gear. You gotta do what you gotta do I guess. The oilfield in Oklahoma is nonexistent right now.
Anyway, I had an orange ad30 that I sold. It was great. But I don't have hat kind of cash anymore or I'd buy another.
So for like $500 or less what would be a good option for a head? I'm looking in the 30-50 watt range. Big enough to play small gigs with. Tube. With 2 channels, clean and a dirty. If you dime the gain on a Marshall DSL crunch channel (the green one) that's pretty well exactly what I'm looking for. Maybe just a tiny bit more.
Thanks. I do appreciate yalls input
I got some great tones out of the Peavey 6505MH that I tried out at GC the other day. So anything in the Peavey MH range might work out.
Jet City? Carvin V3M?
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I've owned a 6505 and I've also owned a car in v3m. The carbon could sorta do anything, but didn't do anything really well. Everything was just kinda so-so in my opinion. And my 6505 was awesome except for the weight. I had a combo.
I have been considering either a 6505/5150, a Marshall DSL 50, or maybe a peavey butcher. Although all are kinda pushing the top of my budget. Especially since I want a head, not a combo.
What do you guys think of the peavey classic 50? I've heard good things about them, and they seem to be fairly reasonable on price, my concern is just that the one I've gotten to hear got pretty flubby and farty at higher gain. I really like more of a heavy crunch best. But i don't know.
+1 to Jet City.
Disagree with the Peavey 6505 suggestion; classic 30 or 50 can be had at that budget though, should do the trick.
DSL40C's can be had at $500 or under, same with DSL401s. The latter has two separate EQ's for three channels, the former has one set of EQ for 4 (two clean variations, two lead variations).
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The DSL 40 and 401 and the laney vc15 are combos. I don't want a combo. Although I like how they sound. Although I listened to the vc30. They are probably the same but 15 watts won't cut it for sure. 30 is pushing it. I'm really looking at about 50
Gunna toss in my vote for a Peavey Classic 50 212 or a Classic 30. If it doesn't have enough gain for you, a boost pedal up front will get you the rest of the way. Stock speakers are decent, but Classic series does benefit immensely from a speaker upgrade.
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I definitely like the jet city amps. I guess they're what soldano is now? Anyway, the jca50h sounds pretty awesome, although I doubt I'll get it simply because from all the videos I've seen there isn't really a clean channel. Just a crunch and distortion. The crunch is awesome though I gotta say. That's what I'm looking for, a heavy crunch that stays really crisp. I'll have to play one sometime.
Those laneys aren't bad either. If I can find one in my price range
Also, and just to mention, the peavey classic has plenty of gain. What I'm looking for is a crunch, not a distortion. I just want enough to bite to the crunch to get palm mutes you can actually make out in a mix. That's it.