My schedule is rather crazy and inconsistent between 2 kids (and another on the way) and a full-time job so I've been unable to find a stable weekly time to schedule guitar lessons. While looking on Amazon yesterday I came across the ability to take lessons via Skype through Amazon Services. Has anybody ever tried this or heard from anyone who has? There are about 7 people to choose from for my zip, but only one of them has reviews (although they are very positive, only about 7 reviews though). I might give it a shot so I just wanted to get someone else's input first.
I know these days everybody's first thought is, it has to be something to do with a computer. Being a single dad there's no point in me even thinking I can have some kind of structured practice schedule, so I just go old school with some good'ol books, their always there and never need charging. Gig Bag Book of Scales, Book of Chords, tons of tabs, and some structured lesson books from various artist that will keep me busy for years. Throw the kid in the tub and grab a book and the guitar, got about 15mins, put him on the floor with some Lego's...got all day.
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