Anyone know any good cheap (free would be the best obviously) recording software i can use to record my guitar with drum beats and backing tracks?
Audacity is great for beginners, and it's super easy to use, and obviously free

if you're looking for a high quality digital audio workstation like FL studio or Cake Walk you're going to have to bear with the free trail demo or pay for it.
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Well Reaper is free for 60 days I believe and then you make a one-off payment of $60 to continue using it. It has all the functionality you'd need and if you wanted to use MIDI instruments you could do that too, as well as hook up a MIDI keyboard to record with.

The interface isn't the most user-friendly though. I remember using Logic on my Mac many years back and it was much easier to learn.
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Audacity is great for beginners, and it's super easy to use

what no it's not audacity is the worst lmao

hardly even functions. reaper is far far far far better and is the easiest daw to figure out that I've used. then again, I've only used trials of cubase and fl studio

also worth mentioning that you can use demo reaper indefinitely with zero consequences or loss of functionality. I may or may not still be demoing it
Depends on your existing gear and your goals. For Mac, Garage Band is a great entry level DAW to get results quickly and learn the ropes of digital recording. It also works with iphone/ipad.
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