The price is very good if there is nothing major wrong with it. If the neck angle is bad, it can always be used as a lap steel. - Which IMO is a better use for a spider cone type such as this. I have reset the neck on an old National, but I don't know how easy it would be on that one.

You can buy a new cone if necessary.
I would be wondering why the neck needs to be re-set. Usually, what goes on with a flat-top guitar is that the bridge pulls up to the extent that the action cannot be properly set. The only way to obtain a useable action is to re-set the angle of the neck slightly....A complicated job.

On a guitar like this one, with a tailpiece and a bridge mounted to the resonator....There is no way for the bridge to pull up... It could "collapse" with long wear but then all you'd need to do is install a higher bridge/saddle.

I would want to look it over carefully.
Thats the plan, although the seller has not messaged me back after initial contact so it may not end up mattering
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