When I was a boy I went bughuntin in Cloudy Creek Woods,
toward old Salem School
About dark I was liftin logs and I saw something swingin before me
When I got closer I saw it was Charlie O'Toole

Charlie was a lot bigger than me and he'd given me lots of bruises
But hanging there he looked awful small
His shirt was clean, but stretched by his pale, swollen skin,
and his eyes were nothin but two empty holes

I went straight home through the brairs and rotten leaves,
and I didn't tell a soul what I saw
That night I dreamed about another kid who grew up with too many bruises
and never knew which man to call his pa
I went back and saw him; that rope had turned him loose,
but the opossums had found him and his stomach was torn
I thought about the times he'd hit me and laughed, but some things in this world you shouldn't hope for

I never saw him again, though I go to the spot often;
I can almost smell his skin and the leaves
They say the dead are at peace, or feel hell's burnin gall
But from the look on Charlie's face, I'd say there ain't much to see at all
That's creepy and horrific. Good use of words to lay a haunting atmosphere.
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This is really great.

I don't know if you have ever read a book called where the red fern grows, it's about this backwoods Arkansas kid who just wants some hunting dogs. Of course he is poor and has to work hard for them and whatnot. There Is this really mean spirited kid and in a part of the book his dogs attack one of the main characters dog so the other one bites down on the neck of the attacking dog. So the mean spirited boy gets an axe planning on killing that main characters dog, he trips with the axe, impales himself in the stomach, and dies.

The family of the dead boy of course doesn't even hold a funeral for their son. Maybe there was a reason this kid acted the way he did. His meanness was a learned behavior.

Inknow that this didn't have much to do with the story but it seemed kinda country setting to me. At least I was imagining the main kid running around in his overalls and just stumbling apon the hanging boy. It made me think of the book.

Anyway great work.
Funny thing...I bought Where the Red Fern Grows the other day from a thrift store--I read it in fifth grade, but hadn't touched it since. Your synopsis brought back a lot of memories!
But, yes, it's a country setting with country folk involved. The southern gothic tradition (pioneered, in part, by female writers like Flannery O'Conner and Shirley Jackson) is very important and influential to my writing.
If you haven't read A Good Man Is Hard To Find, that's a good place to start with O'Conner...also The Geranium.