I'm in a band playing heavy down tuned metal hardcore/sludge/black metal in the vein of early Mastodon, Acid Bath, later-Darkthrone, Scissorfight, Isis et al. Just heavy and 'saggy' enough when playing single notes, but clear enough for chords to come through without it being too bassy and muddy.

I have just acquired a rather splendid looking Epiphone Les Paul Studio from the year 2000 built in the Korean Unsung factory - it really looks the business and feels terrific - but predictably the pickups are not up to scratch. They sound brittle and thin. So an upgrade is in order.

My main set up is an Amptweaker FatMetal pedal through a Matamp GT1, but also I like to play with fuzz pedals too. My other guitar has SD Blackouts and they sound great but they sound crap with fuzz/big muffs as they're way too compressed. So I'm looking for passive humbuckers with a bit of bite.

So far I have my eye on:

SD Distortion
SD Invader
SD Custom Custom
Lace Drop & Gain
Lace Dissonant Aggressor
Railhammer Anvil

I would go for Bareknuckle but they are way too overpriced.

If anybody knows what these are like with the set up I have described, or any other pickup they think would suit me better, let us know. Cheers.
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My go to pickups for the stonet/doom type of stuff are gibson 490r and 500t. For some reason they are just flat fucking nasty. They aren't my favorite pickups or even up there, but for that they are great for.
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I was going to come in here and suggest the Lace and RailHammer pickups, but have been beaten to it. Note, however, that the Anvil is (supposedly) for bridge only, according to the maker. You'd typically be pairing it with a Chisel.

You might also check out the offerings from Tesla.
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