Posting here just in case this forum isn't completely dead.

I am planning on getting an electric drum kit in the next few months because I would like to learn to play. I know a lot about drumming and I spend a lot of time programming drums with Superior. What I don't know much about is hardware, and I can't actually play at all.

Budget would be up to £500 but I don't mind paying slightly more to get something nicer. Used or new, don't really care.

Sound quality is not important to me at all. What I am planning on doing is plugging into my Mac and using the kit to trigger Superior. I have multiple kit templates that I use with various sample banks in Superior so all I need the kit to do is capture the hits and detect velocities.

Ideally I want something with a double kick pedal, alternatively I can buy one separately. I would want at minimum a snare, hat, 3 toms and two cymbals but the more the better.

If anyone can offer any suggestions it would be very much appreciated.
I got a second hand roland td9 for $1600...it was actually good for trying new ideas but now...(sniffle)...I just miss my gretsch...(sob)...
also whats the go with drum threads?!?