Hey everyone,
I am a completely new guitarist but am brought here by my love for music and the need for a new challenge. I am in the process of choosing a guitar but it's a confusing world and you guys are all experts so I was wondering if you could help a newbie out.
I am hoping to play songs from blink182, Panic! Fallout boy, wheatus.... That kind of genre. I've heard I need a guitar with a bit of a 'grunt' (?). Could anyone help me out with what I need to be looking for in a guitar and some possible options. I have a budget for my first guitar of about £280 which I know won't get me anything amazing but I can't spend too much on my very first guitar. I would like it if the guitars reccomended had lots of reviews (all over the web) could read all about to further give me confidence!
Thanks for reading and thanks in advance