I think it's an LP 100? But the pickups don't seem to match the model. Perhaps they've been replaced? Also, the pickguard is clearly broken and it's missing a tone knob.

Anyone know if these guitars are decent? Looking for something to play some metal/rock music with.

The guy is asking $100 for it.

I wouldn't if I was you. Save up some more and get a Epiphone LP standard much more of a guitar for not that much more money. You'd be alot happier. Watch this video
$100 for an LP-100 with damage and potentially a shit rewiring job is too much.
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I'd take it to use as a piece of firewood for free.
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I've owned an Epiphone Les Paul Std (1st guitar played it for 5 years) and was given a JT-220 Jay Turser guitar as a gift 6 months ago when I had no guitar. Epiphone was about ~$400 the JT-220 is less than $200. With my experience the JT-220 feels, sounds, plays as good as the Epiphone... hardly noticeable difference.

That being said I would recommend both as good starter guitars and yes they both can play classic rock, rock and even metal... Anything of less quality than either of those I wouldn't take.

I've played some really ***ty guitars friends have owned as their first and they were hardly playable so getting a decent guitar is important!

Personally I would PASS on that lp-100... it wasn't taken care of and also you want a guitar with minimal fret wear etc.. If I were looking for a cheaper les paul guitar to learn on and play to death I would buy a new JT-220.

If you aren't a complete beginner these are still halfway decent guitars anyway.

This isn't a plug or anything but I'm selling my JT-220 on ebay for some extra cash.
Polished, Conditioned Fretboard, New Strings, Virtually no fretwar, sounds good, plays good. Just mentioning this cause I take very good care of my guitars and if you're interested you'll get a practically new guitar at a cheaper price.

Just my 2 cents, hope any of that helps you.
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I'd take it to use as a piece of firewood for free.

It's not worth the match.
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Then it's settled: I'll pass. I wasn't actually planning on getting a new guitar, but whenever someone is selling a guitar on the local market, I have to see if it's a good deal or not.

But thank you all for saving me from a terrible buy!
The LP-100 is a bolt neck, which is sort of sacrilegious for a Les Paul.

They're up to $279.95 new, which is absurd. For somewhere near that price, you could get a new Agile single cut, which I think most people would consider the smarter buy.

Musician's Friend has a returned LP-100 for $187.00. If you were to call them for the guitar, you could most likely get 10% off (holiday sale). Tentatively, that would be about $168.00, free shipping, no tax. The guitar is most likely in way better condition than the one you're considering. It's backed by a reputable dealer, with 30 day return privileges. It's still not worth it, but that would be the smarter buy, only if you absolutely, positively had to have an LP-100. But you don't, so call it a wash.

I always hated singlecut guitars but one day thought I'd buy a cheap used one just to experiment with. I went for a used Vintage V100 and amazingly I absolutely loved it. It cost me £120 used and with a decent set of pups in it was one of the best guitars I've ever owned. I was so impressed I decided to invest in a 'better' model and assumed finding something suitable would be straightforward. I started by trying a Gibson Les Paul Studio, just to see what one was like and yes, it was a clear step up from the Vintage, though not as much as you might expect. I wasn't keen on spending so much money so I assumed an Epiphone would be a good bet. I tried quite a few of them but they weren't remotely as good as the Gibson and surprisingly, nowhere near as good as the Vintage either. I then tried an LTD EC series guitar (a few actually) but again, I just wasn't impressed. A couple of Corts were nicer but still not as good as either a Gibson or a Vintage. In fact, having tried pretty much every singlecut out there, the only three that really stood out were the Gibson, PRS and Vintage. The point is that to a degree, quality will always shine through and both Gibson and PRS are quality guitars but it's worth taking your time and shopping in unusual places with more obscure brands because it's not always as straightforward as you might think. In terms of build quality, the Korean PRS guitars were all better than the American Gibson, though I ended up with the Gibson because it simply had a mojo none of the others did. The real surprise was the Vintage, which was far better than virtually every other model out there and just needed a good setup and decent pickups to make it into a guitar I'd happily gig and record with. I'd always recommend a Vintage V100 for anyone looking for a really good but fairly cheap guitar and I believe that Agile guitars are very similar to this in America.
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