I have been wondering for a while about short guitarists, for example paul simon, prince and angus young, and when I say short I don't mean 5'6 and up, even though that is considered short. Angus young and price are 5'2, and what I am wondering about is the guitar that they use because from my experience being 5'3, most guitars that I use look big on me and when I see these short guitars and their guitars look cool on them I wonder if it is custom made or is their guitars out there for little people.
I don't know how tall he actually was but Euronymous always made a Les Paul look like a Super 400.
Randy Rhoads was almost the same size as his guitars

The les paul and his Charvel V looked pretty good on him?
It's the player who makes the guitar cool, rarely the other way round. Any monkey can buy a Les Paul, that doesn't mean it makes them cool or good

They probably don't have custom guitars; I mean for someone like Angus etc back in the day you had that one guitar size and you either played that or nothing at all. I'd say don't even worry or think about it, it's the same thing with shoe sizes - no one really cares or notices until it's brought up.

To be brutal for a second:

No one ever looks at that super huge fat guy and goes 'damn, don't they make chunker basses?'


Side note:

If you want a real guitar shape and size, but is actually quite small, buy a Les Paul shape. It is a dramatically smaller guitar size in every way from the scale length to the actual body
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I got a les pual shaped guitar. Looks like a bass on me! :p
Although i get discouraged at times i still have fun playing, and i think that's all that should matter. Thanks for the response guys! Appreciate it!
I saw Battlecross recently and their guitarist is very short. It never once occured to me that he might look odd playing his Jackson. Good guitar players look good playing no matter how tall they are. Personally, I think if anything, it's the tall guys that look a little odd playing the guitar. I've always thought buckethead looked a little odd holding a guitar.