I wish I could think like that to write that sort of solo! Mine just sound like scales and stuck in one position
I agree with the above. I wish I thought in those very melodic terms. Beautiful.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
Haha thanks guys ! Thats really apreciated.
As a piece of advice, I've done three things to get out of the scale boxes.

First learn all of them. There are 7 for each modes.
Than compose licks that sounds good to you.
Than apply them in various styles. ( pop , rock, metal, jazz, blues, funk )

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Quote by pipelineaudio
I always seem to be stuck in one place, despite having all the modal shapes well ingrained throughout the neck http://www.pikore.com/m/1215797128422314926_1376120851

You play well. Tho the teacher in me would recommand you rythmic ear training and just trying to make an exercice that connects every shape of a given key and region of the neck.
Than play it in every tonality using the cercle of fifth. The goal is to see every note possible over a certein chord and not shapes.

Thats what I did among a shit load of other things XD
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