Hey y'all. Purchased a used Orange TH30c 30w combo amp yesterday from guitarcenter. I really love the amp. Sounded great in the store and sounded even better at home through my rig.

My issue is there is a switch on the back that lets you select if you want to use 4 output tubes or 2 output tubes. And on the front of the amp there's a switch that lets me choose between 30w or 15w. Here's the thing when I flip the back switch to use only 2 output tube, basically halving the wattage, all I get is crackling fart sounds whenever I strum my guitar. It's was working until I put around an hour of play into it. In the 4 output tube mode it works perfectly and sounds like a dream. But I want what I paid for so I'd really like to get it in perfect working order. I've also noticed in any mode that I'll occasionally get a volume increase.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and can even make a video to let you hear the problem I'm having with it.

Thanks in advance, Jon
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Yep, sounds like the valves have gone to me too.

I used to own TH30 head and changing the number of valves used and power used has virtually no impact on volume, it largely just changes the tone. At 7w it's brighter and thinner than at 30w. Get a decent attenuator with a treble boost so you can crank it on 30w and control the volume with the attenuator. You'll find that the tone is much improved. You should also invest in at least really good quality preamp valves too as the stock ones are crap. I found that a TAD RT010 and some TAD RT001 valves were a superb option.
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bring it back to them. they have a no questions return policy IIRC. or at least try to get them to cut you a deal on tubes.
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