Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum!

I've had a guitar for 10 years, I took it when I was in elementary school and I started a course to learn how to play it. But unfortunately I wasted time and money, beacuse the only thing I learned where some chords and to play some songs, nothing else
This brought me to leave it, I wasnt interested anymore in guitar. Until now

I've planned a project to "change" my life (xD it shouldnt sound so drastic and dramatic), and one of the goal I want to achieve is to learn play the classic guitar. In the last month I tried to exercise following some tutorials on youtube (LicknRiff for example), and I'm very fascieneted by fingerstyle techinques (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBNkXFCdIIU being able to do this, that's my dream ). Now, I'm able to do easy songs like this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovbKO9GW938), and easy fingerstyle exercise, but I'm aware i lack of guitar theory (I can read tabs, but it takes a long time to me to read scores) and in general I don't know what to study. It would be great to have a book, just like math or other subjects in school, with everything explained claerly and in a precise order.
That's what I'm asking you. Can you suggest me a tutorial/course/book to master the classic guitar (I know, it seems a huge goal, but I don't care)? I want to learn it as an
autodidact, beacuse I want to demonstrate myself (and to someone) that nothing is impossible. I would be extremely grateful

Thank you for your attention