I'm in the market for a new amp. Primarily a practice amp that's got some kick, but won't wake the parents. Every demo I've heard for the Micro Dark is incredible, so I think I'm pretty dead set on that for at least a head. It's super affordable, sounds incredible, and even has a headphone jack with a cab simulation so if I need to I can be so damn quiet.

Where I'm at a loss is in the amp's EQ. It forgoes a traditional treble/mid/bass knob setup for an all in one "shape" control and I'm not sure how I feel about that. If I really wanted to, could I set the shape to neutral and just have an EQ pedal leading in to the amp (or even in the effects loop? Not sure which would be better) if I decided to be super finicky about that kind of thing?

I've also never owned any kind of tube amp. This one's technically a hybrid (tube preamp, solid state power amp iirc), but as far as tube care and maintenance, what do I need to know? How hard is it to swap out if the stock one gets damaged?

As for cabs, I've been told that it's not a great idea to wire this thing into anything bigger than a 1x12. Orange themselves makes a 60W 1x12 cab (PPC112), but wanted to know if there were any better alternatives.
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I own the Micro Dark and it's a great little amp.

I'm not the most knowledgeable on amps/cabs but what I will say is the sound is better through my PC speakers than the actual Orange 1x8 cab, not sure why but that's what I've found. Could be the cab simulation.

I like the tone control on it, nice crunchy mid tones to the left and higher gain to the right. For the price it's definitely worth it, people pay more for a distortion pedal!
They'll drive a 4x12 cab no worries, in fact they sound great through a decent 4x12.

Don't know who told you that they will only drive small cabs but they don't know what they are talking about...

I mostly run mine through 2 of the orange 1x8 cabs for quiet practice and it sounds good (much better than through one by itself) but when I want a nice big sound I run it through my 4x12.
Has anyone tried running the effects send into the return of a bigger amp to gig with one of these. Do they sound good enough to gig with? Every store around here has the micro terror but never a micro dark.
Every source that has reviewed/demoed this swears it can be used for small/medium gigs given the right speakers. Being told that it can handle 4x12 cabs fine is a welcome relief, and means it can be used for most venues where micing to a PA isn't possible.