So i have a real tone cable that i got from the Rocksmith game and im wondering if there are any programs i can use the cable to record my guitar into. i tried audacity but there seems to be a bit of delay.
I have usually gone from a mixer to the realtone cable to record for monitoring purposes. It works well but like the above poster said using the right drivers will help tremendously. It should display as an option in whatever recording suite your using. Windows 10 has some issues but they can be fixed. Just google if your running win 10 and having issues.
Even with ASIO you're going to get a bit of latency, which is the problem with the realtone cable (especially with heavy audio processing in the middle). A good PC recording rig is possible but it will cost you.
You are able to record and monitor just fine if your computer is fast enough. My friend is able to get 9 ms latency with 64 buffer.
I've been compiling a chart that shows Round Trip Latency of various audio interfaces


If you can get that thing under 10msec round trip, around where 256 buffers are for the better interfaces, you should be happy enough, though sketchy drivers can make running plugins at low latencies a nightmare. Any decent 2 or 3 hundred dollar used i3, i5 or i7 will be able to run massive amounts of plugins at low latency as long as the interface has a good driver (safe bet with MOTU or RME)

I wasn't able to find much info on the Real Tone cable, but I'd love to ad it to my chart if you get it figured out