Got myself a 1969 Fender Maverik Custom in near mint condition. Plays great, nice D shaped neck with very low action. The split coil pick ups sound like vintage single coils without the humming. It´s not a twangy as a Telecaster, more somewhere between Jazzmaster and Mustang. Plus, incredible, the trem is actually useable, the guitar stays in tune. All in all a great little addition to my collection.

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Neat! Can't say i have seen on of those before.

enjoy it

fugly headstock though.
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Agreed- nice score, but I never liked the headstock on those.

Still, who cares if it isn't the prettiest horse in the race if it still wins, right?
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Agreed, the headstock is, lets say special. But from a collector´s view I saw the guitar at my local shop and knew if I could haggle the price down to reasonable I´d have to have it. They only made a few hundred of them back then.
very cool guitar. what is the scale length on those?

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very cool guitar. what is the scale length on those?


Normal Fender scale length, 25 1/2 inch.
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