Just a little thing me and my friends recently do where we imagine one artist cover another song or a whole album of covers done by different artists. Kinda like fantasy wrestling matches.The ideas can usually be funny or it can be surprising cool
Here's some that i made:

Alice In Chains fantasy tribute album with:

Sunshine covered by Bruno Mars
Junkhead covered by Sia
Don't Follow covered by the Dixie Chicks
I know something (bout you) or Rain When I Die covered by Ariana Grande
Again covered by Mastodon
Love Hate Love covered by Judas Priest or Tool
Shame in You covered by Johnny Cash or Tom Waits
We Die Young covered by Metallica

Elle Goulding doing a cover of Tool's The Pot or Vicarious.

Just curious if you guys also have some ideas for awesome covers.
Poker Face, covered by Queen(with Freddie ofc, so there's going to have to be a time machine)
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Justin Bieber covering Metallica
TS covering his face with a paper bag
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I'll give it a shot.

Nirvana Nevermind tribute:

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Linkin Park
In Bloom - Seether
Come As You Are - George Ezra
Breed - Phil X & The Drills
Lithium - Blood Red Shoes
Polly - That1Guy
Territorial Pissings- Jack White
Drain You - Green Day
Lounge Act - Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants
Stay Away - Chris Cornell
On A Plain - Band of Skulls
Something in the Way- Alice in Chains

Not a fan of some of these bands, but I do think it would be different.
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Manilla Road tribute album:

Necropolis - Rihanna
Books of Skelos - Justin Bieber
Mystification - Britney Spears
Death by the Hammer - Ariana Grande
Isle of the Dead - Adele
Metalstrom - Kanye West
Dreams of Eschaton - Bruno Mars
Return of the Old Ones - Katy Perry
Vlad the Impaler - Enrique Iglesias