I got these two pedals at about a month ago.

The Earth Dweller has controls for Low, Mid, High, Vol and gain. It's really easy to use and very easy to coax a good tone out of. All the controls are very responsive and are completely useable from min to max. It's a very nice fuzzy distortion.

The Boba Fuzz has controls for Force (fuzz), Body, Level, Resist, Tone and a three way toggle. Again, every control is usable from min to max and are very responsive, so you can get a variety of tone. The toggle goes from light fuzz in the middle, heavy fuzz in the down position and super heavy in the up position.

The build quality of these two pedals is fantastic. Covers are etched, not painted. They take the standard Boss type plug, I run them with my one spot. They DO NOT take batteries. So if you are a battery user, you are out of luck here.

I am really happy with these pedals. Great versatility, very little to no extra noise, even when the gain is cranked. The clarity really surprised me. The controls are very responsive, leading to great versatility and a wide range of tone. The toggle switch on the Boba gives you three completely different types of fuzz, so combined with the very responsive controls, gives you a lot of different sound.

I will admit that the resist knob is still a bit of a mystery to me and I don't use it too often. If the fuzz level is set too high and I crank the resist, it gives me a headache. But if you lower the amount of Fuzz, the resist is fun to play with.

These pedals are hand built is the UK and I live in the US, but I think I only paid 213.00 US dollars for both, including shipping, which is another giant plus.

Overall I couldn't be happier with them. Great tone, great price. Vincent is also very nice and very responsive to questions. I'll definitely be buying from him again and I am surprised that UG members from Europe haven't been talking about these pedals.

If they were lost stolen, I would replace them in a heartbeat. Love them.

Honestly, I really do suck at doing reviews, so if you have any questions, fire away.
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Three band EQ fuzzes have a special place in my heart; is the Earth Dweller a muff variation, or something unique on its own?

Edit: my bad, googled it anyways, its a green muff with true 3 band. Whelp, you've got me interested too.
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Suddenly I have an affordable EQ-able fuzz I could swap out my Muff for, and I could just about be tempted...


Silly question, but how are the LEDs? That's something I look for in pedals
Well I'm sold

Not really, we'll have to see how this month's premium bonds are, but I am very interested. Would be great to hear a demo of the Earth Dweller if you get the time
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Hey man,

I snuck out of work early. Sorry for the crappy sound, I only have an IPhone for recording, sorry for the sloppy playing, I had to make the vid quick.

The amp is a Black Heart Handsome Devil, 1x12 cab with a V30 in it.

Pedal settings are low 1 o'clock, mid 1 o'clock, highs 11 o'clock, volume 2 o'clock and gain 2 o'clock.

My guitar is parker PDF with a I think a custom custom in the bridge.

I hope the vid works.

I can try and do better when I get back from trip.