So I bought a Prs S2 22 custom a few months ago. I love it. The only thing i can complain about is that the picksups are constantly loose. They're installed onto the pickgaurd, and tend to wiggle about too often. Is there anything i can put on it, a special type of washer perhaps? any advice is great. Thank you.
Maybe the pickups are too low. I put a pair of PRS Tremonti pickups in my last custom build. The pickup posts are about 1/8" below the strings.
The two screws on the side of the pickups are used to raise and lower the pickups to get the best sound and balance the output between the two pickups.
There is a coiled spring between the pickup and the pickup ring to keep the height adjustment stable. This is why the pickup feels loose. It's supposed to move a bit.
Good luck.