I have a fender frontman 212r, a combo amp, and the speakers blew on it , I was wondering if when I take the speakers off and keep the top as a head should I be worried about what ohms the cab is? I plan on buying a b-52 beheringer cab.... For $75, will that work with the frontman?
The 212R manual says it drives 2x 8 ohm speakers, and the specs are at 4 ohms, so I assume the amp accepts a 4 ohm load (the speakers it comes with are in parallel). The B-52 cab looks like it's 8 ohms. If that's the case it "might" damage the amp. Some amps can handle a 2x impedance mismatch, while others can't...
Solid state amps will operate safely above their rated impedance, even to the point of no speakers being attached (unlike tube amps where this could cause serious damage)
Moving on.....
The manuals for my tube amps state that a higher speaker mismatch is fine. However, a lower speaker mismatch is not. Check your manual for the specifics regarding your amp. Running speakers with an impedance less than the output will damage the output transformer.
It's a Frontman, it has no output transformer.
It'll work just fine.
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Its 4 ohms if i remember right, because it has 2 ,8 ohm speakers. I dont know how you blew the speakers and not your eardrums. If you put an 8 ohm speaker in it, the amp will only put out like half the watts. Unless its from the 50s its probably solid state just like the one i had.
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