Any ideas? Was thinking of Schools Out, but everybody seems to do it so, we are thinking about something different.
Summertime from High School Musical
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
Rape me by Nirvana

Was that a joke?
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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MM, I think it was (somebody really hates their college and/or at least one of their teachers). "4'33" would be hilarious but I'm not sure if that's the best choice. I'd go with "Summertime" (the Jazz standard), "Seek And Destroy" (that is a pretty cool idea), "Death Death ..." (Voltaire), ect.

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Super Buu (DBZ) on assimilation (it could also apply to blues guitar and guitar soloing in general).