Long story short, a soundtrack/dream sequence inspired piece that goes places.

Trying to revive this place a bit.
Staring Down.zip
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track 10 bar 47 hnnngghhh

this is all really good. i'm loving the unsettling mood. and the chord progressions are a bit mind-boggling. i really like the atmosphere of everything 76 and on. it really does sound dream-like and "nebulous" - but at the same time, disquieting. i like how you brought back the harmonics at the end.
I thought it was a calm, casual piece, but it had tension and heaviness at the same time, idk. The beginning and the end reminded me of Pink Cigarette by Mr. Bungle, with the I think it's a pulse beating slowly off-sync with the rest of the song, if it was a pulse. It felt like a glimpse into an anxiety ridden guy's mind.

I think the piano parts you wrote are pretty cool sounding and I felt like they created an atmosphere when they were playing out in this song. It could be me, but when I hear the lead guitar bits in 45-51 I think they get to be overly atonal to where the song feels overboard with that general sound. The pianos themselves, with the intro beeping, make an uncomfortable listening experience and I think, when the lead guitar comes in the mood of the song changes, it's like it stops at that point but comes back after they're gone. I like the change between 69-70, it sounds pretty nice. The transitions flowed like at 14-15, I like that part.

C4C, a critique on the song I'm working on would be good, too. I'm finishing up on it so I should get feedback before it's all recorded and done and everything: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1704384