Dear Users!

I wonder to ask anyone who has had experience with the Godin Radiator guitar. My questions

1- what are the best way to regulate neck in terms of its distance above the strings- is it better to do via micro-tuning on the neck head or alternatively using anker key to change internal tension within the neck changing its curvature?

2- any suggestions regarding customization of the electronics? E.g it is reasonable to put p90 pickups instead of native godin pic-ups expecting more bright sound (the original is very resembles very bright vintage stratocaster) together with the tole-switch for switching between bridge and neck positions avoiding using volume regulators?


#1 I think you need to watch a few videos on guitar setup, it really depends on what problem you have. If the action is right but you get very light buzz you could possibly raise a bit at the bridge, or if you need bigger setup, then you might need to do truss rod adjustments. Pick the right string gauge that you mean to use and stick to it once you get the right setup. If you don't know what you're doing - find a guitar shop in your area to do a proper setup at least the first time and ask if you can watch.

#2 - I am not sure what they have as far as pickups. It looks like soapbars but I am not sure if they are the same dimensions. I changed the Seymour Duncan soapbars in my Godin with Joe Barden and now that is probably the best sounding guitar that I have, and it plays like a dream. The pickups on your guitar look like they are smaller than soapbars though. If not sure - write Godin and ask them, they've been very helpful with my Godin guitars.
the Radiator model has very amazing neck (at least for my fingers)
but as I think the quality of the electronics should be low for that price (also don't know nothing regarding wood of the body)

I love my Radiator. Up until finding a new love for my LP copy, I used to play the Radiator exclusively. It's ultra light and very fast. I actually love the pick ups. They aren't thin, not particularly noisey, and they have a real great sound to them. It's got this great clang with some crunch that really sells me on it. I always think about swapping the pickups but I never get around to it. It does need new pots though, but that's on me for letting them get hit around and I also broke one myself. Whooops.

Though i never got around to it, I generally always replace the pots in my guitars. But part of the fun of the Radiator is blending the pickups to get what you want out of them. It's a part of it's character, I never actually considered changing that layout myself.
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