I have an ESP SV Standard and I got an offer trading it for a Framus Cobra. Any of you have any experiences with this amp? Is it worth the trade?

I play metal only.
Are you happy with your current amplifier? If not, then I see no reason to do the trade. Whether or not you would like the Cobra, I can't say. Some love them, some hate them. Some think of them as fizzy messes, others think of them as brutal metal machines. My overly-simplistic take on the Cobra is that it is a refined and improved 5150.

Market wise in the U.S. from what I am seeing, your SV is worth a bit more on the used market than a Framus Cobra. But, the market might be different in your part of the world.

It's a decision you'll have to make.

It's only worth the trade if you honestly would be okay parting with your guitar and actually want a new amplifier.
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Dunno what it's like in Norway, but in central and western Europe, a Cobra is worth far less than your SV (or any ESP outside of Ltd's really).

The Cobra (and Dragon, for that matter) were subject to a massive hype a couple of years ago. but that's worn off now and the amps' resale value has plummeted. I don't really see them rising in value in the near future, either.