I am a poor guy who loves playing guitar, i already have a cort x2 and its damage now, i am planning to buy a new cheap but good guitar, i want to buy something from ibanez grg cheap series or jackson js dinky cheap series, i was checking out the ibanez grg121dx, ibanez grg170dx and jackson js22 dinky, which one should i go for , please help pros. I like the ibanez grg121dx, i dont care about whammy bar, am really confused because of the pickup, is it good and will it be better than my cort x2 ?? I basically like playing prog rock and psychedelic kind of music, i love metal too but not like extreme metal, more like slow heavy power chords style, i wont say am totally a beginner guitarist, but i dint learned much yet, just doing basic chords and playing easy songs from youtube
I have the same problem? Did u bought one of this guitars? Can u tell something about it? Im thinking about this grg an js22 too :/