I've been lusting after an 8 string for a little while now, but have always been put off by the stock pickups in many affordable guitars. Most tend to sound a bit too flubby.

The problem is that most 8 strings are routed for soapbar sized humbuckers (like EMGs), but I'd like to be able to put regular sized pickups in them (like SD, DiMarzio, Bareknuckle).

How easy is it to fit standard sized 'buckers in a soapbar shaped hole?
I might be wrong, but i always thought there was no difference in the size of the rout? I switched my standard humbuckers for emgs and i didnt have to do any routing. Also, the term "soapbar" is usually used for P-90 pickups, not humbuckers with covers.
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You have to modify the rout to have them accept the mounting tabs.
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