So it's been a couple days now since I've been trying out Amplitube 4, mainly the Mesa Boogie Mk IV, and it actually sounds incredible. I can get tones that sound so close to being like a real Mesa Mk IV (or dare I say: "Just like the Mk IV?"). I can get tones that sound just like Petrucci in many Dream Theater songs, tones that are similar to Synyster Gates, tones like Paul Waggoner, and the clean channel sounds amazing as well. There's definitely an improvement as far as the "air" you hear when actually micing a cab.

It's pretty amazing that you can also choose different rooms for your cabs and move the microphones anywhere you want.

Anyway, to me it seems worth the $120, with the Mk IV costing about $30 I think. I'm probably going to purchase it soon.

Just thought I'd share my thoughts on it and I was interested to hear what you guys think about the improvements.
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