Track title: 70 years of darkness
Link to track: https://soundcloud.com/andresjam/inconclusive-70-years-of-darkness

Hey guys,

This is the second installment in my project "Inconclusive"

Admittedly, this track is another genre-hopper, so I won't really bother trying to apply a precise label to this. I'm a big fan of bands like (old ) Opeth and Enslaved, and I really appreciate how they are able to transition between heavier and softer sections. This is something I want to get better at.

Anyway, I 'd appreciate any feedback you may have about melody, instrumentation, mixing, or otherwise.

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Thanks dudes!

This track has a lot of character to it albeit a dark and moody character which is cool. Some very nice guitar work in there - especially enjoyed the guitar solo at the halfway point, interesting note choice there. Quite an inspiring track to listen to, I'm loving the atmosphere it creates. The vocals are quite unique sounding, I've not heard much vocals in this style with that depth to it.

Is there a story to this song?

Keep up the good work!
Your vocals do continue to improve I do like them in a way but for me they are not distorted enough, I am very picky with vocals though I either like them to sound inhuman or a woman going angel mode or Freddy mercury literally nothing else works for me. The lead guitar at 1:23 is so cool very eerie, what effect is that?. Overall the mix sounds great sounds good on my headphones and through my speakers. The title of the track 70 years of darkness, why 70 if not a reason fuck it just call it decades of darkness lol.
Cool vibe you've got going here -- I don't know if I can describe it! It's both modern and also throws me back to a 1930s melodramatic movie feel. Very cool!

Tones and production sounded good to me. Your transitions were seamless and polished. I, too, am a huge fan of how Opeth, Enslaved, and a few other metal bands weave clean/soft passages with brutality. That's what I go for in my music as well, without quite going as far into the "prog" side of things as they are currently.

Here's one of my latest if you'd like to check it out and comment:

The Gathering of Hosts/Fist of the Heavens

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