I was wondering if it would be safe to plug a guitar into an audio interface so that I can record my guitar tracks onto my computer and then plug my effect pedals and amplifier into the output of the interface so that I can hear what my guitar actually sounds like. The plan is to be able to record and playback my guitar playing and use my amp as a monitor for my guitar and then I can use my effect Pedals to 'effect' what the recording sounds like on the amp. I don't have the budget for a studio monitor and I don't really want one either, but before I do what I'm planning to do I want to make sure I don't kill any of my equipment in the process
I would be wary. Outputs are not universal levels. It could be too strong and fry some/all of your units. Also, you are recording the guitar dry/direct into the software, but you are listening to it through pedals and an amp? What is the point of that?

Why not play through the amp and pedals and mic the amp, and send that mic signal to the audio interface? Shure SM57.

Or rather if you are using amp/effects simulation software, just get some reference headphones. You can find AKG K240 studios fairly cheap.
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Take this to the recording forum. I think you'll find you have latency issues and you'll probably not hear what your guitar sounds like on the recording when subsequently run through your amp and effects. But they'll tell you all that for sure.
You need a DI for this, take one end to the recording interface (the XLR) and the 1/4 (thru) to the amp. You don't want the output to go to your amp, the signal impedance will be mismatched, so it will be most likely noisy, you need a reamp box or a DI in reverse as step down to match the line signal to guitar input signal level, and you'll have the latency of the whole recording system to deal with, so once you hit a note on the guitar, it will come out much later on after it travels through your recording chain.
It won't damage your equipment if you hook it up but that usually not good recording practice.
Thankyou everybody for your help, if you were wondering why I was planning on doing this it is because I am I'm a wheelchair and I'm not able to easily press or adjust my Pedals while I'm playing my guitar. So I want a way that I can record my playing and then add effects after. Any other ways to do this? I don't like amp and pedal emulation software, and I already have my amp and Pedals
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I've just been checking out reampers I've decided to go with one of the radial reamp boxes, again Thankyou so much for your help