I'm looking for first bass guitar under 300$. It would be nice if it was made by these known companies like Ibanez, Cort etc.
Can someone recommend me anything? I'd be thankful
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I don't think there is going to be a whole lot of quality difference from one brand to another in that price range. Getting an instrument with just the absolute basic functionality of a bass guitar while being able to make the manufacturer a profit is hard enough at that price point.

With that said, find used basses in your local area. You very much get what you pay for when it comes to cheap instruments, so any saving you can make by going used is going to allow you to get a far higher quality guitar.
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+1 to looking at a used bass. Check out some classifieds (i.e. Craigslist, etc.) and see if there are any pre-owned basses hanging in your local shops.

You might be able to find something like a used Ibanez SR or a Squier Deluxe or Vintage Modified P or J, or a Peavey of some variety. Something along those lines would be a really solid first bass and likely last you longer than what you'd be able to afford if you bought something new in that budget.
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rondo has some nice basses.
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300 can get you a pretty solid bass new or used.

you're looking at top of the line squires which are far from awful new or even mexican made fenders if you can get a good deal used. if you're looking for something a little more modern you've got a host of ibanez models that are very well made, most of the straight garbage is priced out at 300 if you're shopping used, and even going new 300 will put you on the high end of what most people would call starter instruments.

what's most important is that you go to a shop and experiment to find out what it is that you like. before you drop money on an instrument it's imperative to ground your expectations in how they feel in your hand rather than how they look on the wall at the shop or online. you can learn a lot in an hour at a decent shop about what fits you best.

for example: i'm really uncomfortable playing most thin ibanez necks, but right at home on the log that warwick claims is a neck on my corvette, my technique falls apart when i play with lighter string gauges and there's nothing more pleasant to my ear than the sound of a p bass. as a result, i'll enjoy playing a 150$ squire p bass from the bargain bin more than a lot of much more expensive basses that are by just about every objective measure better instruments.
For $300 or less you can get a used Fender MIM Jazz or Precision bass in decent condition that you can play for 3 years and still sell it for what you paid for it. Plus it's a professional quality, gig-ready bass in stock form.

I bought a very nice MIM Jazz bass back in 2013 for $275 and liked everything about it except the weight. Sold it last month for $300. Others may disagree but I firmly believe a used MIM bass is the best choice in the $300 range.
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I'm looking for first bass guitar under 300$. It would be nice if it was made by these known companies like Ibanez, Cort etc.
Can someone recommend me anything? I'd be thankful

A couple of days ago bought a brand new Ibanez GSR100EX for $180.00 and plugged it in yesterday in my teachers amp and sounds good. I was looking for a decent budget bass and this one sounds more like a $300 plus bass than a $180.00.
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Ibanez GSR200 or Yamaha RBX170 seem to run in the $80-100 range at Guitar Center and roughly that at the local pawn shops.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

justinguitar.com is the answer