So recently I bought an electric guitar to try and learn it on my own, so that I could at least play some of the easier metal and rock songs that I like....and maybe on some distant day play a solo or two.

This is the kit I bought except that the one I got has the Electar 15R amp instead of the Electar 10 that is shown on the site.


Feel free to comment if the kit I bought is suitable for a beginner or not.

Of course as a beginner I don't know the slightest thing about playing guitar, so I was hoping that some more experienced people could help steer me in the right direction.

Well the questions I'm about to ask will probably seem irrelevant or even stupid for some of you, since I guess that there are many different paths to learning guitar, but I would really appreciate it if you could respond to them with your oppinion.

I already know some of the basic things like how to hold a guitar and tuning, but I honestly don't know if i should start learning chords or strumming or something else and where to go after that.

1. Where do I even start?
2. What is the best succession of things to learn for a beginner in your oppinion? For instance first chords then strumming after that slides etc.
3. What thickness of picks to use?
4. What gauge of strings to use? 9, 10, 11 or something else?
5. How many times and how long per week should you practice, to avoid finger sorness?

Well I guess that's all that I want to know at the moment. Thank you in advance to anyone that will take the time and effort to read this and answer to the above.
Have a look at JustinGuitar.com. I started playing recently and the beginners course has been awesome so far.
it seems that they make us post in a beginner's area so we don't get in the way... i guess they are hoping we'll just go away...