Hey everyone,

I've ran into some serious intonation problems. As of now, when my guitar is tuned perfectly when playing open strings, every fret starting from the 1st is way too sharp. It get's worse and worse as I move up (towards the 12th [down?]) the fretboard. It's a cheap beginners guitar but I haven't ran into serious problems until now. It's a Behringer Metalien (strat style) and I'm not willing to spend the money at a guitar shop for it, especially because it should be an easy fix. I've watched several videos regarding simple fixes and they've helped a bit until I started running into more problems.

I've tried saddle adjustments by moving the saddles up (towards the fretboard). It's working a little bit. The problem is that I'm running out of room for some of the saddles. They keep running into the screws that hold the bridge in place and there is basically no more room for them to go.
Another problem is that a couple of the saddles (E and D strings) refuse to move. I believe its because of those tiny little screw that holds or props up the saddle. The easy fix would be to adjust those little screw, but I don't know how. I don't believe I own a proper tool for those little things.

Additional info:
The truss rod does not seem to be an issue. The arc on the guitar is perfect.
The strings are very close to the first fret and seem unusually far from the 12th fret.
Strat style guitar
Guitar stays in tune very well

Any advice would be much appreciated
1st guess is that you have too much relief in the neck and need to tighten the truss rod.

2nd guess is your nut is cut too high.

3rd guess is you have some unlevel frets or frets coming off the board.

Sounds like you need to do a complete setup and go from there. Buy the proper tools and learn from reading or videos. Or just take it to a tech.
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Try new strings, old strings can give you intonation problems.