Hello ladies and gents.

I was wondering if people could suggest songs that are easy to transcribe for a beginner transcriber? I'm thinking more of a strumming song with simple open chords, then maybe maj or minor barre chords.

I have been doing some reading and am half sure of how to go about training my ears. Just need real music to practice transcribing. I have listened to songs which I own but I hear too many instruments playing so I find it hard to work out the chords so I would be really grateful if anyone can suggest songs where the guitar isn't drowned out by other instruments or better just a 'guitar only' track.

Many thanks
If you just want to figure out the chords, any song will work. Guitar plays the same chords as all the other instruments do. Of course if you want to transcribe the guitar part specifically, then yeah, you want songs where you hear the guitar clearly.

One easy song that comes to my mind is the ukulele version of "Over the Rainbow".

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Christmas songs are great because they are songs that you are probably familiar with and have simple chord progressions and melodies. There are tons of arrangements of tunes as well ranging in complexity. A lot of acoustic singer-songwriters do their own recordings and so that might be a good place to start.

Singer-songwriters in general are a good choice. The pre-electric Bob Dylan tunes tend to be simple chord progressions with just vocals and guitar. A lot of old country is also good to transcribe for similar reasons. Stuff like Hank Williams or whatever. Simple chord progressions with instrumentation consisting of vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar, simple lead guitar/steel/fiddle, usually bass, and sometimes drums.
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I agree - for chords, early Dylan, Hank Williams - and Buddy Holly and Neil Young.
For melody, I suggest early guitar instrumentals - Shadows, Ventures, Duane Eddy. Being able to pick up melody (and understand how it fits the chords) is really useful if you want to progress to improvisation. So - with songs, learn to play the melodies too.
Everyone else came up with great points. Learning Christmas tunes, simple "Children's songs" (Little Start, Mary Had a Little Lamb, etc) help out a ton, even with learning the melody. some older pop/rock tunes from the 50s and 60s as well as older country songs are easy enough to start transcribing.

For me, the first song that I ever transcribed on my own (after being insecure/lazy with it) was To Be With You by Mr. Big, solo and all.
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